A Very Happy Customer!

Wow, what a lovely message we just received from a happy customer!! “You delivered a beautiful bouquet of twelve white roses to Olios restaurant last Saturday where my wife and I were celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary. The clientelle were …
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Customer feedback

“Thanks for the flowers you sent yesterday. They were terrific and my wife really loves them, can I order the same again for this Saturday? These were really good and she was very pleased with them” Its so nice to …
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Looking for Wedding flowers?

Head over to our wedding website and blog to get some ideas for your big day!         http://www.springfieldfloristweddings.co.uk/ http://www.springfieldfloristweddings.co.uk/blog

Valentines Day is fast approaching…

We had lots of fun installing our Valentines Day window this year, painting some heart outlines onto the window! You can easily order your Valentines Day flowers using our ‘Buy Online’ system, just follow the link below. https://www.springfieldflorist.co.uk/buy-flowers-online.php#seasonal